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Hi there!, This is EyE-home v5

This is the home of EyE, irl known as Arthur van Dam. Please be welcome.

I used to be a PhD student in applied mathematics at the Utrecht University. Thesis and several math- and computing-related reports (from my days as a master student in Computational Science and Computer Science) are available online on the scientific page. I now work as a researcher in Hydrodynamics at Deltares, a research institute in delta technology.

For some years, I had a parttime job as a webdeveloper, and I've also done some webdesign, see my WebDevelopment. I fancy active holidays, did some inline skating. For several years now I'm totally into speed cycling. I also do some photography.

Some Highlights

Some material at this site may be useful or interesting to you and some may not be so at all. Below are some personal hints on new items and other must-see's:

This summer I started with some hobby photography. I finally took the time now to put some samples online.
Signature hacking
Uit het niets ontstond onlangs een email-wisseling met een collega, waarin we varianten op elkaars email-signature verzonnen. Hier een voorbeeld. In Dutch
Odd hits from search-engines
Digging through my website log-files (oh, this curiousity of me...), I collected some odd search-strings that led visitors from all over the world to this site.
Outdooring in Krkonose, July 2002 In Dutch
Journal with pictures of my outdoor holiday in the Krkonose area in the Czech Republic, summer 2002.
Wat is Computational Science? In Dutch
In 2001 heb ik een artikeltje geschreven over wat Computational Science nu precies is. Dit artikel schreef ik op verzoek van de redactie van de Vakidioot, een tweemaandelijks blad van mijn studie vereniging A-Eskwadraat.


For more details, read my personal information.