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Odd Hits I received from Google and other search engines

What follows is a short list of selected search strings that led visitors to my site.
Of course, Google is my all-time-favourite search engine (at least for now), but still odd combinations of search words can unexpectedly lead to my (fairly innocent) site.

The bold ones are copied literally records from the logfiles, I translated most of them, for the sake of completeness.

People looking for travel tips

banana bar hersonissosid.
arby hersonissosid.
autoband hotelmotor-tyre hotel
uitgaan bar bejaarden Kretagoing out bar old people Crete
pod zvicinou hotelid.
Nederlands koninklijke familie ski vakantiedutch royal family ski holiday

Yes, I do know Arby from Hersonissos, and the Banana bar... But no, I have no further knowledge (and definitely not willing to gain it either) of weird hotels, going out with senior citizens, or the royal dutch family.

People looking for nudidity...embarrassed

naakt een ijsje eteneating an ice-cream naked
naakt wandelennaked walking
naakt beekjenaked brooklet
naakt fietsennaked cycling
naakt snorkelennaked scuba-diving
naakt kajaknaked kayak
naakt hotelnaked hotel

'Dirty!-Filthy!-Odd!-Funny!-Making-me-laugh!-Please-come-back-again!'-people look on my site for naked stuff, wet T-shirt pics and creepier things, just because of some unlucky combinations of words on some of my webpages. Oh, well...

People looking for tips 'n tricks on computers

Fijn database ontwerp nice database layout
project planning simpel programma project planning simple program
Trivia in de informatica trivia in computer science
professionele webpagina's met msaccess 2002 professional webpages with msaccess 2002
hoe maak ik voortgangsbalken in php how to create progress bars in php
printvriendelijke websites printerfriendly websites
hoe maak ik spacer.gif how to create spacer.gif

Most of these are perfectly valid questions, although somewhat silly sometimes...

People looking for nonsense

beschimmeld broodmildewed bread
göllü (no typo)id.
waar koop ik oakley in amsterdamwhere do I buy oakley in amsterdam


Note. Yes, I marked this page as non-indexable to search spiders and robots. Otherwise the number of 'odd hits' would probably explode, given the set of words above.