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Getting personal...


  • Full name: Arthur van Dam
  • At the moment I live in: Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Date of Birth: September, 20, 1979
  • Further contact-info can be requested by email.
Arthur van Dam



  • Sep 2009 - now: Researcher/advisor in hydrodynamics at Deltares, a research institute in delta technology.
  • Oct 2004 - Jun 2009: Ph.D. student at the Math. Inst., Utrecht Univ. on a four-year project into adapative mesh strategies for PDE systems. More info at my research homepage
  • 1999 - 2008: I started out as a car washer at Van der Ham Veevoeder , but since 1999 I was maintaining their websites. Soon, my major task was engineering and maintaining various agricultural planning- and consultation-applications in MSAccess and Visual Basic.
  • 2001 - 2004: I continued building websites for the company 24-7 ISS, followed by OraTech, where my main expertise was dynamic websites and online applications using PHP and (MySQL-)databases.
  • Sep 2001 - May 2002: scientific research project (for graduation in Computational Science), during an internship at TNO Inro (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research).
  • 1999 - 2001: I created numerous websites for various companies. I do both design (in Photoshop) and content development (PHP, HTML, CSS).
  • 1996 - 1998: holiday job at Gemeente Giessenlanden , administration and bookkeeping activities.

Professional capabilities and interests

  • Spoken languages:
    • Dutch, (mother tongue)
    • English
    • German, (moderate)
    • French, (moderate)
  • Mathematical research:
    • Adaptive, time-dependent moving meshes
    • Partial differential equations, nonlinear, systems, Euler/MHD, Runge-Kutta, Cranck-Nicholson, etc.
    • Finite Volumes, flux and slope limiters
  • Further mathematical education:
    • Numerical Mathematics
    • Finite Differences, Finite Elements, Finite Volumes
    • Numerical solvers, Conjugate Gradients, QMR, BiCG-STAB, etc.
    • matrix topics, sparsity, singularity, etc.
  • Software engineering and education:
    • Optimization topics, Simulated Annealing
    • Graph-algorithms, trees, search/sorting-algorithms
    • Parallel programming (using BSPLib)
    • Object-oriented design and programming
    • Functional programming
    • Parser and compiler generation and usage
    • Program Analysis (dataflow, control flow, etc.)
    • Program Transformation (using Stratego)
  • Experience with computer languages:
    • C/C++ (advanced)
    • FORTRAN 90/95 (advanced)
    • MATLAB (advanced)
    • (La)TeX (advanced)
    • Stratego (advanced)
    • PHP (advanced)
    • HTML 4 incl. CSS (advanced)
    • Java (average)
    • SQL (average)
    • BSPlib or MPI, parallel programming (intermediate)
    • Javascript (intermediate)
    • Haskell (intermediate)
    • Perl (novice)
    • ASP (novice)

    (scale: novice -- intermediate -- average -- advanced -- expert)

In my spare time, I...

  • Go out speed cycling or mountainbiking.
  • go out inline skating.
  • do some photography. I took a beginner course, and experimented a lot myself. Stitching panoramas is great fun!
  • used to program some nifty scripts (usually PHP),
  • go to movies, go out with friends


  • Fond of US National Parks, warm and sunny Italy (cycling, lazing and eating), ...
  • One day I really want to travel to Iceland, New Zealand, Scotland, and other beautiful countries.
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