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Summer 2003, I picked up photography. Not as in 'holiday-shots', but just trying to get that extra bit out of it. Fiddling with lenses, shutterspeeds etc. On this page, I intend to show some of my 'experiments'.


Nikon D70 body + Nikkor DX 17-80 1:3.5-4.5 G kitlens
Nikon's answer to the Canon EOS 300D, and I believe we have a winner here! cool It does all the things I want.
Added the superb Speedlight SB-800 to it.
Also got the fine, light Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D as a present, wow!
And, I bought myself the Tokina 12-24 F/4 DX wideangle zoom, and I love it!
Pentax MG body + some prime SMC lenses
I got this old one from my dad, just blew off the dust, and it worked like a charm. Thanx dad!
However, the lack of manual shutterspeed selections turns out to be really uncomfortable. Auto focus would also be handy in quite a lot situations. I guess I'll have to surprise myself with a new cam someday soon wink (update: As you read above, I bought myself a D70.)
Pentax KX body
Borrowed from my neighbour, so not for permanent use. But at least I have full control over aperture and shutterspeed now.
Nikon CoolScan IV
So much better than a flatbed scanner with filmstrip adapter! (But still slow and labout intensive...)


My Pictures

Below are some old sample photographs, when I was still a beginner (and still am, I guess)wink

Panorama Photos (stitched)

Rooftop Panorama 1
Countryside Sunset Panorama 1
Polder Panorama 1
Kerperbrug Panorama
Piaggo San Marco, Venice

Sunrises and Sunsets

Almost every beginning photographer is impressed by the beauty of sunrises and sunsets, I am no exception. Below are some sample shots.
Copper sunrise with bird and clouds. Sunrise against a telecom transmitter. Sunset with cloudcover over small ditch.

Long Exposures

Besides panoramas, another photographic technique that intrigues me is that of long exposures. Not being afraid to keep the shutter open for several minutes (or even (much) longer), or combining multiple shots into one.
Currently I only have one satisfying sample online, here it is:

3-min exposure of nightsky at 11PM.


I borrowed some macro rings (which are placed between the body and the lens), which allowed me to 'take a closer look' at nature.

Bumblebee at hibiscus bush 1. Bumblebee at hibiscus bush 2. Some fly at hibiscus bush 1.

"Swans at Walters Place"

Another neighbour of mine has a sweet, old slummy cottage. When I saw a group of swans floating in a small pool nearby it, I ran off with my cam:

Swans 1 Swans 2 Swans 3
Swans 4 Swans 5  
Blackberry bushes Cottage detail