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Seconds counter

This counter is my first genuine Java-program. This is also the reason why the listing of this simple, little program is far too long and looks absolutely terrible! You really wouldn't want to see it, so I won't show it to you.
I wrote this programme in cooperation with Tijmen Collignon (Click for his homepage), and I changed the application-version a little in order to get this applet.
This counter computes the number of seconds from or to a given date, at 00:00 AM, and shows the name of that day. It accepts dates between the year 1583 and 3000 (don't ask me why). It takes notice of leap-years and wether days are in the past or in the future. Whenever you input a non-valid date, the date which was shown before will be recovered.
The year comes in the first (left) input-field, the month in the second one and the day in the last one. A simple hit on [Enter] accepts the new input. Despite the simplicity of this applet, it is still funny to find out the day when you were born, or - even more - during how many seconds you have lived your life.
Have fun!

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