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MTSort - A multi-threaded QuickSort in Java

This applet implements a multithreaded quicksort, each recursive call creates a new thread, which sorts its subpart. The maximum amount of threads can be set, as well as the fictious swap and compare-time.

One should not press 'Start' or 'Reset' during sorting. If you do, we won't take any responsibilities for the results anymore. ;)

During sorting, the compare- and swap-time can be adjusted, as well as the max. nr. of threads. Al modification have to be confirmed, by pressing [Enter] in the corresponding TextField.

The number of elements is basically limited by the size of your computer memory. However, for amounts larger than 256 elements, the columnwidth will be that small, that even though the program is sorting correctly, no visual output can be given anymore.

Arthur van Dam, Gerben Wolterink, Maart 2000, Utrecht