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Lagrange interpolation

The applet is shown below. The upper TextField provides information about what you should do and finally fisplays the appropriate formula for the polynomial. The TextField below the upper one, shows the coordinates of the points that have already been clicked. The Choice at the left allows you to modify the scale of the output-screen.
Points are simply added by mouse-clicking in the grey output-screen. The small TextField next to the buttons, shows the current position of the mouse. When you are satisfied with the points, click on the [interpolate]-button. The polynomial will be drawn and its formula will be shown. Modifying the scale will also repaint the polynomial. The [clear]-button clears all the points and erases the polynomial.

Try this!

  • Start with one point and push [interpolate]. Add a point without clearing and interpolate again. Repeat this and watch the polynomial change!
  • Click some points, interpolate and reduce the scale (larger domain). This way you get a bigger (and more interesting) view of the polynomial.

Known bugs:

  • The first time you modify the scale, the polynomial is not repainted. Modify it again or push [interpolate].
  • When polynomials with a large degree are shown at a small scale (1:1, 1:2) many ugly vertical lines sometimes appear in the screen. Just ignore them.
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