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Back in 1999, I started creating websites. I built my first homepage, and gradually companies started to ask me whether I could create some homepage for them. Some of them have already quit due to the crisis in the IT sector. The screenshots below show some of the sites that are still running and successfull.

I've also included my previous homepages, just for fun.

Although I did the graphics and layout for all sites below, my main activities currently have shifted from design to the development of dynamic websites (for exampe with database interaction). For some of the latest sites, I did so in cooperation with my colleagues at 24-7ISS.

Name: Fietsvierdaagse/wandeldriedaagse
Description: The website for the annual cycling and hiking event in the 'Alblasserwaard', the Netherlands.
Opinion: I've maintained this website since 1998. Site design finally was completely revised in 2004. It's a small site but looks attractive and provides the necessary info for this event.
When: Winter 2003
Screenshot of Fietsvierdaagse/wandeldriedaagse-website

Name: De Tielse Glashandel
Description: De Tielse Glashandel is a dutch company specialized in all kinds of glass, for almost 30 years now.
Opinion: The interface design is mine; a quick but neat and well-suited setup. My colleage MikeTheBike again did a very good job in creating the entire site.
When: Fall 2003
Screenshot of De Tielse Glashandel-website

Name: Mayflower Charters
Description: Mayflower Charters is a dutch company offering you superb arrangements on their yacht 'Dutch Pride'.
Opinion: The interface design is mine, pretty nifty railing at the top. Further content was excellently provided by MikeTheBike.
When: Spring 2003
Screenshot of Mayflower Charters-website

Name: 12buyDVD
Description: The 12buyDVD online DVD store. A complete replacement of shopfactory, this new store is based on osCommerce. I've developed many improvements though. Besides, a cast&credits database from a previous project was integrated into the store.
Opinion: Nice development work, as far as the new developments are concerned. Tweaking the basic osCommerce software was quite annoying sometimes.
When: Winter 2003
Screenshot of 12buyDVD-website

Name: OraTech
Description: OraTech offers IT-services, concerning databases and communication technologies.
Opinion: This site runs on a operational version of a Site/Content-generator, nice developer-work.
When: Fall 2001
Screenshot of OraTech-website

Name: 24-7ISS
Location: Not reachable.
Description: This is the homepage of 24-7 ISS, for which used to work. The design was nice and the site featured some great database-driven parts.
Opinion: I programmed a database-driven sitegenerator, so that my 24-7 colleagues could efficiently store and re-use their website content.
When: Fall 2001
Screenshot of 24-7ISS-website

Name: Computational Science Project 2001 on Pseudospectra
Location: Not reachable.
Description: Project-page for my studies. A team of 8 students has investigated pseudospectra and developed a nice tool in Matlab.
Opinion: An informative site. Quite nice database-interactivity: PHP/MySQL based log-book, online bookmarks, member-secured-section.
Project has already ended. A static version of the site can be found at:
When: Fall 2000
Screenshot of Computational Science Project 2001 on Pseudospectra-website

Name: Melticom
Location: Not reachable.
Description: Business-website for Melticom, which is a young company, selling and servicing milking-machines and -robots, and providing agricultural-industrial automation.
Opinion: A sidestep away from PHP. This site is ASP-based. A nice information-database can be searched. Still, I prefer PHP.
When: Summer 2000
Screenshot of Melticom-website

Name: Van Der Ham Veevoeder
Location: Not reachable.
Description: A fairly huge company-website, I created for a cuttle-fudder factory. Information, ordering products and searching are all possible.
Opinion: This was my first professional business-website, with a large knowledge base of articles for customers and online ordering.
When: Summer 1999
Screenshot of Van Der Ham Veevoeder-website

Previous homepages

Location: Not reachable.
Description: My third homepage, now hosted at my own domain Pretty much the opposite version of the previous version in design. Content was OK as well. Visitor count grew significantly.
Opinion: Finally my site became more or less what I wanted it to be: a place to share things with the rest of the world, where the design looks nice but is not the major aspect of the site.
When: Summer 2001
Screenshot of EYE-HOME.NET-website

Name: EyE-catching
Location: Not reachable.
Description: My second homepage, playing around with javascript-rollovers, very nice, although it became boring pretty fast. Those were the days that my alter-ego 'EyE' was born.
Opinion: I really liked the main-page. Setting up the same style on all the other pages, wasn't easy. I already had ideas for a new homepage-style even before this one was finished!
When: Winter 2000
Screenshot of EyE-catching-website

Name: Arthur's homepage
Location: Not reachable.
Description: My very first homepage, at my university account. Using some simple gradients from PaintShopPro and 3D thingies from 3D Studio MAX. Some applets from my first Java course.
Opinion: The green gradient seems pretty wicked now, quite nostalgic though. Content was OK (some applets and reports and 3D Studio experiments)
When: Winter 1997
Screenshot of Arthur\'s homepage-website